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   Tania García was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1984, grew up between Spain, Portugal and the United States, since 2001 resides in the  Canary Islands.  Graduated in Fine Arts and with a Master's Degree in Philosophy from the University of La Laguna. His activity has developed in two interconnected fields: his career as a visual artist, linking his work to action art and installation; and his work in the  artistic mediation.




2013-2015   _Master of Philosophy, Culture and Society, University of La Laguna.

2003-2009  _Bachelor of Fine Arts,  University of La  Lagoon.

2006-2007  _Beca Seneca, Polytechnic University of Valencia.




2015-2019   _Museum Educator / Guide, Tenerife Department of Education Espacio de las Artes, Tenerife.

2012-2013   _Graphic Designer, at Oxford University Express, Madrid.

2010-2012   _Coordinator of Extracurricular Activities, Government Grant  of the Canary Islands, Tenerife.


2020  _Performance of Silence.Queteperformen! Video-performance  direct -online.

2019   _5th Performance Meeting - Body to Body, Center for  Arte la Regenta, Las Palmas de  Gran Canaria.

2018   _Festival Manta Rock, Municipality of Rosario, Tenerife.

2016   _Performance Art Oslo,  PAO Festival, Oslo.

2013   _CulturArt,  Ambassadors with Provisions,  Madrid.

2012   _Féminas, Ramses, Madrid.           

        _Puertas Abierta, La Tabacalera. Madrid. 

2010   _Dance meeting, Victoria Theater, Tenerife.

         _Feelm-Festival, Finca Arico. Tenerife.

         _Arte de Acción, October Center for Contemporary Culture, Valencia.   

2009   _6 Bodies, 1st International Performance Festival, LAB, Murcia.

         _Desórdenes, at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, Tenerife.

2008   _Arte en Predicado, 1st Tenerife International Performance Meeting.

         _The cultural week: Living in the Public Space, Tenerife.  

         _ADA Festival of actions, Porto.

2007   _Gran Churrasco, International Performance Meeting, Lisbon.

2006   _Intervention in the Malvarrosa, Performance Show, Valencia. 

2003   _ El Festivalito , 1st Edition of La Palma Digital Cinema.


2018   _Real History of Local Heroines. Intergenerational mediation project, Tenerife.

2014   _Taller de la Villa; Ceramics and Art Therapy, La Palma.

        _MôM:  Employment and Tourism Promotion, La Palma  (4 months).

2013   _Ambassadors with  Provisions: Space for Interaction and Contemporary Art Exhibition. Madrid.  (4 months ).

2008   _Art in Predicate: 1st International Meeting of  Tenerife Performance (9 months).

2007  _Subdirección_Las Piedras de Taburiente, Visitor Center. Interior design and wall painting. La Palma (13 months).




2020   _Habitat for Deep Space [individual], Casa de  the Colonels in La Oliva, Fuerteventura.

2020   _Encounter of Artistic Mediation, Tenerife Lab  [shows]. Leal Theater,  San Cristóbal de la Laguna.

2019   _Performance Festival, Kunstbanke [collective], Exhibition  of video Arte, Hedmark Kunstsenter, Hamar. 

2019   _El Cosmos y el Art [itinerant collective]. O'Daly room. Santa Cruz de la Palma.

2019   _5th Melee Performance Meeting  [collective], Video Art Exhibition. La Regenta Art Center, Las Palmas de  Big                Canaria.

2018   _La Pinochera, Sample project Las Esperanzas, Municipality of  Rosario, Tenerife.

2018.   _Las Esperanzas [individual]. Juventus center and amphitheater of the Rosario City Council, Tenerife.

2018   _Festival Manta Rock, Municipality of Rosario, Tenerife.

2011     _Casa del Agua, Municipality of Candelaria, Illustrations of the permanent exhibition.

2010   _S. XXI. Paint sample. Fisherman's house. Tenerife.

2005   _Maxoarte [itinerant]. Fuerteventura.

2003   _Festivalito, 1st Digital Cinema Edition [sample]. The Palm.



2020   _Artistic Residence, Exchange Program between Centro de Arte la Regenta and PROGR, in Bern, Switzerland.     

2020   _Artistic Residence of Artistic Mediation, PuzzleAtípico 4th Season. Tenerife.

2018   _ Artistic Residence Solar Acción Cultural, Tenerife.

2005   _1st Painting Prize  Maxoarte, Canary Islands.

2003   _2nd Sculpture Prize,  Canary Games, Canary Islands Government, Canary Islands.

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