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Sonia Cabrera


      Responding with a specificity implies positioning oneself, choosing, defining oneself… It takes us to a position, which lays the foundations for later impressions. There are questions  from whose answer that is expected, a clarifying note. Asking someone about their origin offers us an immediate answer, however, for Tania García, this question initiates a whole discourse of introspective dialogue from which her contents emerge as a creator. He needs art as a cathartic medium and as a catalyst for wandering drives. Art as a connection node with a multiple experience that is dispersed in its experience.

       The territory and identity tend to merge, they mutually conform and feed each other, but what happens when the territory is not defined? Does it influence identity? Tania García's performance turns a thought with a strong philosophical and discursive character into action. Having lived without the feeling of putting down roots anywhere, with a nomadic and transhumant experience,  it makes the transcendent questions par excellence formulate them through how it relates to space.

    He conceives identity as an imposed search; that constant need of society to locate individuals in a specific space, implies the labeling of clichés and regulations that we apply to the origins. For Tania García it is an unnecessary process but at the same time disturbing, since it supposes a position in the social suburbs from which she is trying to escape. In this way, it seeks in it the schemes that make it up to deconstruct them and through that process generate something else possible in another structural order.

      Its performative action leads the viewer to fall into this absurdity of their own elements that have been dismantled to generate new ones. The result is a work that makes the observer feel part of a contradiction, should I laugh? Is he expected to cry? A bittersweet uneasiness that examines the artist's battle to configure an identity in a dismembered world.

    In this way, being a spectator of his work means participating in an experience that transmutes the passive into the active; the senses are sharpened, it becomes something experiential loaded with a reflective spontaneity that rushes to its own limits. It is then when the climax is reached, a perfect communion in which the one who began observing feels that he is an irreplaceable part of the action and can no longer impregnate his uncertain future.

     On the other hand, objects acquire a fundamental role as communication vehicles; they become an extension of the limbs, unable to encompass everything. In the end it is about the representation of a lack; that meaning devoid of its existence seeks to decompose, as a way of reflection on what is not understood. New structures emerge from this process that try to make sense of humanity itself.

      That gap from which he extracts the "hidden truth" tries to glimpse in his performances, however the mystery does not reveal itself: eternal uncertainty overshadows it, reality has mutated.

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